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RAD (Road ADoption) Route

How It Works!

Purchase or print out a map for your area (from Google Maps or equivalent) similar to the sample shown on the Power of God Ministry website, where members of the church are able to view and prayerfully adopt a street on the map to become a Prayer Warrior or a Godís Messenger.

Sign Up Sheet for Road
These signup sheets list the streets that need adopting or have been adopted, along with the teams of Prayer Warriors and Godís Messengerís who have adopted them! The Prayer Warriors are people who have dedicated themselves to pray for each person that lives on the street, usually by acquainting themselves with all the house numbers and then daily praying for each person at each house number. The Godís Messengerís are those who have agreed to go door to door visiting on that street, building relationships with each person they contact by doing the "Jesus Method" (see Christian Service P 119.3). While going door to door, they can be handing out books, tracks, and Bible study guides, conducting surveys, giving DVD Bible seminar series from the DVD Lending Library, handing out invitations to local church events, and offering to pray with the people they contact. The Godís Messengers will then keep track of these visits on the Visitation Log described below. The Godís Messengers are accountable to the Prayer Warriors for the street and vice versa. As they share with each other what God is doing on their road, each is encouraged, and faith grows!

Visitation Log
These log sheets are to be used for each team of Godís Messengers who have adopted a road so as to keep track of their visits and know what literature was handed out or surveys given. These log sheets should be clipped onto a clipboard along with a legal pad underneath for taking more detailed notes. The column on the left of the log sheet is where you will write in the purpose of your visit (such as prayer, survey, invitation, etc.), or list books or literature that you will be handing out (i.e. Power of Prayer Book, Passion of Love Book, Steps to Christ Book, GLOW & Health tracks, etc.). Each item you put in this left column is then associated with a "Code Number" (1-15). The next column is where you will put the house numbers, followed by a column to write in your new friendís name(s) at each home as you get to know them. The rest of the columns to the right are for dates that you will be visiting your friends on your road, and logging the Code Numbers for what you have done or given them at each visit (ex. If you stop at a house and give them a survey and that is under Code Number 1, then you would put a "1" in the date box for that house number. If you give them a Steps to Christ book and that is Code Number 2, then you would put a "2" in the date box. If the person is not home, then you will put a NH in the date box. If you ever have a wonderful conversation that you want to make a note of on your legal pad of, then you put an exclamation point "!" in that date box, and proceed to write a short note on a page of your legal pad that is numbered for that house. When you go back another day to visit your friends on your road, you will be able to see what you have giving them in the past and read any notes prior to your visit! At the end of each days visit, you will then hang your clipboard with the filled in visitation log and notes onto the "FireStation" Hanging System (see explanation below) so that your Prayer Warriors can read it and pray more specifically for your friends!

Sign Up Sheet for Personal Contacts
This tool lists individual persons for whom interested church members are praying and contacting to grow spiritually. These persons usually include family members and friends who are not Christians and for whom the congregation as a whole and individually feels an impression from God to work with. As people pray for and stay in contact with the interests on the list, they share their experiences and work together with Godís Holy Spirit to bring these loved ones to know Jesus as their Saviour!

Book Bags
These nice bags are for use in carrying books and materials to be handed out on your road. Prior to visiting your friends on a particular day you will fill it with the materials you will be handing out. Upon returning to the church it will be hung on a hook under the clipboard of the "FireStation" for the next visitation date.

ďFireStationĒ Hanging System
This tool is used to provide a central location in the church for the clipboards and bags used in visitation to the roads. Like the racks on fire station walls where the fireman gear is hung neatly waiting an emergency, so the Godís Messengers hang their materials awaiting the next time they go out to save lives!


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Christís method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Saviour mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, "Follow Me."--The Ministry of Healing, p. 143. {ChS 119.3} -emphasis added

Let the workers go from house to house, opening the Bible to the people, circulating the publications, telling others of the light that has blessed their own souls.--Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 123. {ChS 114.1}

By personal labor reach those around you. Become acquainted with them. Preaching will not do the work that needs to be done. Angels of God attend you to the dwellings of those you visit. This work cannot be done by proxy. Money lent or given will not accomplish it. Sermons will not do it. By visiting the people, talking, praying, sympathizing with them, you will win hearts. This is the highest missionary work that you can do. To do it, you will need resolute, persevering faith, unwearying patience, and a deep love for souls.--Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 41. {ChS 117.5}

A Reformatory Movement  In visions of the night, representations passed before me of a great reformatory movement among Godís people. Many were praising God. The sick were healed, and other miracles were wrought. A spirit of intercession was seen, even as was manifested before the great Day of Pentecost. Hundreds and thousands were seen visiting families and opening before them the word of God. Hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit, and a spirit of genuine conversion was manifest. On every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of the truth. The world seemed to be lightened with the heavenly influence. Great blessings were received by the true and humble people of God. --Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 126  Emphasis Supplied

It is in doing Christís work that the church has the promise of His presence. Go teach all nations, He said;"and, lo,I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."(Matt.28:18-20)To take His yoke is one of the first conditions of receiving His power. The very life of the church depends upon her faithfulness in fulfilling the Lordís commission. To neglect this work is surely to invite spiritual feebleness and decay. Where there is no active labor for others, love wanes, and faith grows dim. Quote from The Desire of Ages p.825-