4-13-07  "Go on e-bay now!"

Testimony from: John S. Lanphear- Lawrence, MI.  My company has products that we paint with automotive spray paint or send them out to a company to be powder coated, a special baked on paint.  Shipping them out to be powder coated is an ever increasing cost and we have been dreaming and praying to be able to bring this process "in house" which will save about $200 per one of our base products not to mention that it will save at least one week in turn-around time!  We have had a company come in and quote us a new powder coating system that was going to run us about $30,000. just to get started!  Without that kind of budget right now, we just kind of tabled the project and kept dreaming and praying.  Then on Monday of last week I was working at my office on my computer around 11 AM and all of a sudden God must have put a thought in my mind that was so clear, "Powder Coating-Go on e-bay right now and type it in"!  My first reaction was to not get distracted right then from what I was working on, but it came stronger to me to type it in right then on e-bay!  I followed the instructions and found a used powder coating oven and dust collection system for a starting bid of $999 and it was ending in 22 hours.  I thought, that looks like exactly what we need!  I printed it out and went back to my manufacturing area where we build these products and talked to some of my men about it as we measured the area where we would put it.  It was PERFECT! I started praying that if it was God's will that He would deliver it into my hands.  The next morning I was on my knees as usual praying before going into work, and spent quite a bit of time praying about this potential purchase.  Finally I all of a sudden got the strong impression to get off my knees and go bid on it.  I went down stairs and checked my the e-bay listing on my wife's computer and there was two bidders with about 22 minutes until it ended.  My heart started beating a little faster.  I rushed out of the house and drove to my office.  Upon arriving I found that it had 8 minutes until the auction ended!  I dropped to my knees right in my office and lifted this up to the One and Only Great God of the universe and asked Him to let only His will be done.  I then asked Him how much I should bid, $1700? (I like using 7's because God likes them!)  The reply came back, "No, $2,700".  I said "how about $3,700. ?"  The reply came back distinctly "No, $2,700."  I said "O.K.!  $2,700. it will be" and thanked Him very much.  I got up off from my knees and proceeded to wait until the last 10 seconds before bidding the amount that God told me to.  Sure enough!  I won the system for $2,025.00!  God only knew what the other highest bid was and that $1,700. would not have been enough, but $2,700. was more than plenty!  IT IS SO AWESOME TO HAVE THE GREAT MONARCH OF THE UNIVERSE AS A "SENIOR PARTNER" IN BUSINESS AS WELL AS MY BEST FRIEND!!!  Thank you JESUS!

For a wonderful picture displaying Jesus as the "Senior Partner" by Nathan Greene click on this sentance!