8-17-07  RAD License Plate!

Testimony from: John S. Lanphear- Lawrence, MI.

I just had to share this, what I believe to be a miracle, with you!  Just two Sabbath's ago in the afternoon I was traveling from preaching at Otsego church to Cedar Lake academy to train students and members on the RAD (Road ADoption) program (that is part of the  program).    As I was just passing a red Jeep on 131, one of my friends Erik that was riding with me suddenly shouted "SLOW DOWN! LOOK!  LOOK AT THAT LICENSE PLATE!!! We all just about could not believe what we were seeing, as we both drew our cameras and shot pictures of this with speed that would have made John Wayne smile and give a nod of approval!  But the approval that we seek is not of John Wayne, but our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ!  And that little display of this license plate gave us confirmation that He was blessing our efforts to spread what we truly believe to be His RAD program! 
The odds of this one unique custom license plate in Michigan driving on that particular busy road, on a busy Labor Day weekend, at that exact time for us to pass by on our way to preach and teach about the RAD program is probably greater than we can all imagine! 
What's more, as I was praying on my knees the other morning as usual, thanking God for giving me this sign, He reminded me of how I was rushing my friend and his two boys to get in my vehicle at Otsego church to make it on time to Cedar Lake when my son David caught my eye and I was impressed to get out and go hug him one more time and tell him that I love him!  I wrestled for a moment with that impression because that would seem to my passengers kind of double standard.  The Holy Spirit won out and I jumped and quickly ran over to my son and grabbed him up and gave him a big bear hug and told him "I love you!".  He reciprocated my love, and off I ran to my vehicle and raced up to Cedar Lake!  God showed me while I was praying that if I had not followed His leading to take that moment with my son, I would have missed this wonderful surprise He had for me!  HOW TRULY AWESOME IS OUR GOD!!!  HOW WONDERFUL IS IT TO HAVE A FRIEND LIKE HIM!!!
I just presented this  program to St Joseph SDA church which is on fire for the Lord to get reaching their community!  They are very excited about it and can't believe how SIMPLE and ORGANIZED it is!  They want to get started ASAP.  God is really pouring out His Holy Spirit on our churches right now and giving them a strong urgency to reach out to their communities like never before!  Please pray that this God given program will spread to our churches to help them reach this goal.
Keep the prayers going heavenward to our Great Commander and Chief who is wanting to lead us every step of the way in the battle for eternity!