8-17-07  John's Motorcycle Test!

Testimony from: John S. Lanphear- Lawrence, MI.

I have rode motorcycles all my life since I was 16 years old and never got my cycle endorsement.  I went one time to get it when I was in my early twenties but could not make my Yamaha FZR 600 superbike turn sharp enough to get through the test maze.  The instructor said that nobody had ever passed it on "one of those things" because of the steering set up.  So, I finally this summer got prompted to get legal since quite a few of my friends were getting bikes and taking their tests. 
So, I went and took my written test (without studying but with lots of prayer!) about two months ago and passed it.  I then was supposed to practice riding with another person before taking my riding test, but without a bike right now that was a little hard.  I did one time get a chance to ride my good friend Steve Osbornes bike that he had just bought a couple months ago and that was it.  I then met Steve at the testing facility yesterday around lunch time to eat some Taco Bell while we looked at the test layout, and then the plan was for me to ride his bike (a nice big older V65 Magnum 1100!) around the track to practice a little before my appointment at 4:30 that afternoon.  One of my employees had gotten me this special appointment through some connections since they only do motorcycle testing on Sabbath. 
So as we were starting to eat our Taco Bell lunch, one of the instructors who Steve knew from just getting his endorsement a few weeks ago, came walking out to go to his car.  We got talking to him and told him what we were doing and he said "you better go in and talk with them inside because I am the only instructor today and I have cars booked solid the rest of the day!"  He proceeded to say while walking towards his car, "the only reason I am able to run to the store right now is because somebody canceled one of their car tests just now!".  I immediately saw an opportunity that God must have made for me and I said "would you be able to test me really quick after you get back from the store?".  He paused for a minute and then said, "Well, I could just test you right now INSTEAD of going to the store"!  I said "That would be great! and much appreciated!". 
So, off we went to fill out paperwork while he at the same time found out that somebody had accidentally booked a car over top of my special 4:30pm motorcycle appointment!  We then walked quickly out to the test track where Steve's big motorcycle was still sitting, waiting for me to "practice" on!  The instructor Larry said, "well, get on the bike and bring it up to this line".  I did as he said and then realized that he was going to just start the test without me practicing!  I asked him politely, "Is there any way that I could ride around the parking lot just a moment to get a feel for this bike before taking the test?"  His reply was simply, "No, we have already begun!"  I sent up a big quick prayer, and focused in on all of the instructions he was throwing at me.  One by one I went through the maze and finally got to the end and he said, "well, you went about twice as fast through that last accelerate and stop test than you needed to, but you pulled it off and passed it anyways!  That's all there is!  Your all done!"  Wow, what a sigh of relief!!! 
God knew that my special appointment was getting messed up and He put together a plan to make it work anyhow!  Once again I was shown that if you stand for your convictions and trust Him for pulling you through and being in total control of it all, He will never let you down!  Thank you God!