7-26-08 FREE DOCKS!

Testimony from: John S. Lanphear- Lawrence, MI.

Last summer we were blessed by some friends of ours to use their excavator and bull dozer to create a dream of mine since 1996; a one acre pond with two large islands!  I drew this dream pond shortly after my wife and I were married, with the first island in the shape of an "L", the second island in the shape of a "T", and a large "W" carved into the lower bank between the two islands thus creating LTW for our business Lanphear Tool Works.  I was one day praying on my knees one morning in my usual spot of my bedroom looking out over the pond and the thought came to me to ask God if it was right to have "carved" our company name into His earth.  I immediately got the "download" "It means Light The World"!!!  I thought that was so cool, and thanked God for this insight into His big plan that was made before I even knew it!

So what does that all have to do with FREE DOCKS?  Well, this summer as we have been doing some landscaping around our pond I was dreaming of putting in a nice dock for the kids (and us) to run out on and jump into the water!  With funds pretty tight due to everything else we are doing in life with family and ministry, this was not going to happen this summer.  One Sunday morning we all woke up quite late and were having a relaxing morning when I got a strong impression to go down to the mailbox and get the Sunday paper.  Amazingly, I don't think I have ever done that!  My wife subscribes to the paper mostly to get the coupons that save her more money than they paper costs, so she usually goes down and gets it unless the kids beat her to it (-:  So, I wrestle a little bit with God, but the impression comes stronger to go get the paper.  So I walk on down our long driveway with David coming with me and bring back the largely packed paper.  After setting it on the table I get this strong impression to look at it, but I again do not feel like "wasting" my time with that.  I finally pick up the paper and try to think of what I could look at in the classifieds that I might need.  The only thing that I could think of was a used push lawn mower to do some trim mowing where my John Deere tractor can not mow.  I go to that section just to find nothing at all!  Disappointed, I start to wonder why I am wasting time with this when a "download" come to me to look in the boat section, since I was kind-of looking for a Jon Boat, since my name is John!  I skip over to that section of the classified adds, and as I was skimming down the listing my eyes fell on the miracle!  "FREE DOCKS!  Four 4'x10' sections.  Aluminum hardware negotiable."  Wow!  By this time it was about 10:30am and I immediately picked up the phone and called the phone #.  A really nice lady answered and said that they still had them!  As I talked to her my wife was picking up on the conversation and started making interjections that "we don't have money for docks!".  After getting off the phone I finally got to explain to my wife that we have enough money for these docks, they're FREE!  PRAISE GOD!!!  He knew that they were in the paper, and He just needed to get me to look at it!  Talk about "wireless communication"!!!