5-22-09  J.D.'s Chainsaw Miracle from God!

Testimony from: J.D. Halvorsen

"This happened March 9thh of 2009.  Harry (a friend of mine) and I arrived at his son's house on the outskirts of Allegan Michigan.  the time was near 11 AM.  I do not know the exact time.  We started out putting a long rope on the tree.  The other end hooked onto the pick-up truck.  We needed to pull the tree away from the power line.  We got it down safely on the ground.  the few little branches that were still on it I used the chain saw to cut them off.  The top of the tree was gone a while back.  I then started cutting 16" long chunks.  On one I put the bar and chain under it to cut part of the chunk.  In a split second, the chain saw flipped up hitting the visor at the front of my John Deere tractor hat, cutting part way into it! (see pictures)  I was putting my hand up to my head more then once, because I was sure there must be a cut, or at least a small scratch, right?!  NOOO, NOTHING!  Right away I thanked God for saving me from what easily could have been a disaster!  We serve an Amazing God, who is so good to us.  We have done nothing to deserve such blessings.  He dose it because He loves us and wants to save us for His Kingdom. 

Later, God willing!

Sincerely, J. D. Halvorsen"