Testimony from: Sara M.- Michigan

Just recently I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, while trying to figure out exactly what my feelings were right before our first meeting, I didn't know weather to be extremely frightened by all the men with huge knifes for cutting down banana's, or to be so excited for the fact I was witnessing to a third world country. Well as the first night played out we were late getting everywhere and finally around 7:30 which was a hour after my meeting was suppose to start I got to my site. It had no electricity. This wasn't that big of a deal for me, but a little scary. I couldn't see any of my surroundings. Once they got the generator going, my friend and I were trying to be as friendly as possible even though we speak barely any Spanish and the translator wasn't there yet. Once our projector turned on and we could see some of the faces, but a lot of the wall I immediately looked up, horrified to look down. Just above the podium I was about to preach at was a HUGE tarantula! I asked my friend if we could pray, because now for the first time, I was very very scared. We prayed, and the entire night the spider did not move until after we were done with the whole meeting I saw it crawl up and out of the church through the ceiling.