11-2-09  Jacob's Prayer to talk to God's Animals!

Testimony from: Jacob in Australia

I am from Australia. I am 18 and over the last couple years ive had an increased interest in learning about God. I would look at all the miraculous signs which saints and prophets experienced and would want to have that sort of spiritual power. I live in the countryside and i would regularly go into the paddock to pray and read his word. One occasion i was humming and reading his word and i thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool if i could talk to the animals". God heard my thoughts and as i was about to leave a bird flew right past my head. I looked up to see a kookaburra perched on a tree nearby. It was staring right at me, i casually continued walking towards home but it flew past me again even closer. It landed about 10 meters away on a fence and continued to stare. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and immediately dropped down and prayed for Holy Spirit to give the bird understanding. I then looked to the bird and said "come here". It flew off the fence and landed at my feet. I was then able to sit down and pat and play with this wild kookaburra. Other animals began to emerge around me and we all sat out and watched the sunset. Nowadays the kookaburra is comfortable around me and i can approach all of them, i often go sit with them and just read the word, they don't seem too bothered haha. Ive also experienced prophecy and had visions so God is definitely granting me spiritual gifts. God guide you.