1-8-07  Sick Of Being Sick! 

Testimony from: Jim -Marcellus, MI. The morning after New Years I came down very sick. I was surprised, since I don’t drink and didn’t over eat. A visit to the doctor two days later confirmed that I had the flu, and needed more rest. I was told to “sleep” as much as possible, but that became impossible. Try as I might, I could not sleep, day or night! Pressure had begun to build in my forehead, creating intense headaches, especially at night. I went two nights without any sleep. Pacing around the living room in extreme pain, and physically exhausted, I kept asking myself, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I sleep? What’s going on?” On the third day my wife wanted to take me to the walk-in clinic, but I refused. I kept thinking, tonight will be different. But it wasn’t. I woke my wife about 10PM, admitting that something had to change—now! 

    On the way to the hospital I called two close friends, who I know have a deep dependence on God, and of course, prayer. As my wife drove, I asked them for prayer. They prayed for me, right then, over the phone. Arriving at the hospital, I explained the week’s history to the doctor and he performed an examination. He was baffled. He couldn’t find any cause for the pressure and headache. I appeared to be healthy. So he did a blood test, but that was also fine. Giving me a strong pain killer, he explained that I would need to see my doctor in a couple days if it didn’t help. Thank God, my body did fall into a sleep that night, for about 4 hours

    After two nights of some sleep, I decided to cut off the medication, hoping that I might have a “normal” day and night without it. But that afternoon, the pressure returned and began to build, and I started to sink into depression. Staring at me from across the living room, my wife said “I’m still thinking that you have a sinus infection.” I reminded her that the doctor had checked my eyes-ears-throat, and that they were fine. Nor did I have any coughing, runny nose, etc., indicative of a sinus problem. But as I pondered over her words, the pain I was feeling, and the fact that our prayers had not yet been answered, I said “Okay. Let’s go back to the hospital now.” Arriving back at the clinic, I saw another physician. After explaining the history again, and sharing my wife’s thoughts, he performed another eyes-ears-throat examination. Again, everything was clear. Then he applied pressure around my eyes and forehead with his fingers. No physical pain. Mystified by the situation, like the previous doctor, he requested an X-ray of my forehead area. They came back clear. Admitting that he was just as clueless as the previous physician, he agreed to consider my wife’s thoughts and prescribed an antibiotic…for a sinus infection. By the next morning, I knew the situation was better. And praise God, the pressure never returned.

    I’ve had a naughty habit of calling my wife “Doctor Vicky,” when she begins dispensing medical advice. But I was quick to tell her that I did believe her, and that I also knew that God has many ways to answer prayer, which was why I was willing to return to the hospital under her advice. You could say, I wanted to believe that God had “down loaded” a very specific message to her that I desperately needed at that time. And just as important, I didn’t argue, but dared to act on that belief, even though I could not—nor the doctors—see the evidence for it. I’ve claimed God’s word, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Heb. 11:1