1-4-07  Rolled Over Car Crash! 

Testimony from: John S. Lanphear- Lawrence, MI. I was getting ready for work this morning in my upstairs bedroom and was impressed by the Holy Spirit to take special note of a car passing by my house heading to the east.  It seemed odd that I would pay special attention to one particular car of many going by my road that morning, and I thought about not "wasting" my time moving quickly over to my window in order to see it before it went out of site.  As I caught a glimpse of it, it seemed to confirm my intuition that there was no reason to look at that particular car, until my eyes were lifted up to see emergency lights way off in the distance about three miles away on a hill!  I immediately got the impression to pray for the person in the accident (and I did not even know at that time if it was an accident).  I followed this prompting, and started interceding for this person to our Awesome God of the Universe and Creator of Heaven and Earth.  I finished getting ready for work, frequently going back to the window to watch the many emergency lights still flashing and sending up little prayers each time.  Then, as my habit is, I knelt down in front of this window to have my daily prayer time with my Best Friend Jesus and Heavenly Father!  I spent more time interceding for this person in the accident, and then finally got off my knees and went to work.  Upon arriving at my office, my general manager told me that one of my employees Lynden would not be in that morning due to a car accident!  He said that Lynden had hit a patch of ice which sent his car sliding out of control towards a large bank.  Even though he was only doing the speed limit, the car caught the edge of the road and proceeded to roll totally over onto the top where it came to rest!  He was left hanging from his seatbelt where he made some emergency phone calls.  He was then able to release himself from the seat and exit the vehicle with minor bumps and bruises-Praise God!  I had no idea that one of my employees was in an accident and needed prayers, but God did and He wanted to catch my attention so that I could be used as an intercessor in prayer!  To God be the honor and Glory and Praise!!!