1-4-07  The Perfect Part! 

Testimony from: John S. Lanphear- Lawrence, MI. I had a appointment at a customer to try to prototype a solution to assembling some plastic inserts into their plastic part. God had given me a simple concept to solve this problem, but my engineers, customer and I were all a little skeptical so I told my customer that I would go to his facility and put something together to prototype the concept.  The morning that I was to go down there I went into my machine shop to find some materials that could possibly be made to crudely mock up this idea.  I went back to my raw materials area where I selected a black piece of Delrin plastic that I could possibly use but needed some way to connect it to an arbor press to push my customers plastic inserts into his part.  I was praying for guidance while I kept looking around my shop when I came across a parts bin full of scrap machined parts from other jobs that just did not work out but were possibly able to be used in the future for other jobs.  As I started pawing through this bin with at least a hundred parts in it, I came across a piece of angle bracket that seemed like it would work but something told me to keep looking.  I kept digging through the parts as I talked with one of my employees when I picked up a custom made bracket with a built in clamp that was made to clamp onto a large 45mm (metric) diameter.  The Holy Spirit just told me that that was the part and I thought to myself, how cool would that be if that large round clamp would fit onto the square arbor on my customer's arbor press!  I thought, "there is no chance of that"!  I had one of my machinists attach the piece of black Delrin plastic to it with a bolt and off to my customers I went, hoping I could get it to work somehow.  When I got down there the customer and I both just about fell over when it fit perfectly onto his square arbor on his press!!!  Only God knew which part of hundreds in my shop would fit their old arbor press and He lead me right to it!  I of course gave Him all the honor and glory!  What an Awesome God we serve!!!